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There is an old saying that “awareness is preparedness.” If you know your facts about truck accident dangers, it can help prevent you from ever becoming an accident casualty. Are you aware of where and when most truck accidents happen? This illustration from the infographic provides some important perspectives.

Where do most truck accidents happen?

Of the five states in which the most vehicles were involved in fatal trucking accidents, Texas led the way in 2012 with 4607 total vehicles, according to the infographic, . California was second with 3,848 vehicles; Florida third, 3,428; and Pennsylvania, fourth, 1,808; and Georgia, fifth, with 1,688 vehicles involved in fatal accidents.

How do most truck accidents happen?

Sadly, a whopping 31% of truck accidents resulting in a fatality are a direct result of head-on collisions. Many factors play into this cause.

Who most frequently gets hurt or killed?

Who are the primary victims in accidents involving trucks? In terms of both accidents and fatalities, 73% of the people injured or killed in crashes in 2012 were not truck drivers, but the occupants of other vehicles.

When do most truck accidents happen?

The illustration indicates that most fatal truck accidents take place in the daytime during the work week and at night during the weekends.

Stay informed and safe

This article was not written to alarm, but to assist truckers to stay informed, alert and safe on the road. One more word of advice for truckers looking to stay loaded: go online search for freight. You can keep on the road without paying a dime on free load boards. So travel safe and fully loaded.


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