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Driving a truck is demanding work. Not only are you putting in long hours, but you’re spending most of your time away from home. Schedules and long-hauls can make it challenging to get the quality time you really want with your loved ones.

Whether you’re gone for a few days or a few weeks, it’s all about finding the right balance between a career and family life.

Finding a Work-Life Balance on the Road

  • Planning is Key
    With changing schedules, it’s important that you and your partner have clear communication. You will want to establish distinct roles in parenting. Raising children while on the road is hard but not impossible. Decide what responsibilities you will have, your partner will have, and whom you trust for help in emergency situations or as parental support. Additionally, set up a plan in case an emergency arises while you’re on the road and have a list of contacts you can get in touch with if need be.
  • Stay Connected
    Use technology to your advantage to stay connected with loved ones. Whether that’s syncing calendars (so you know when your child has a big exam or basketball game) or establishing a nightly video call with your family, there are tons of resources out there. Skype, FaceTime, and Facebook Messenger are just a few examples. You may also consider sending postcards from the different places you visit or picking up small souvenirs so your kids know you’re thinking of them while you’re away.
  • Explain Your Work
    It’s easier for the ones you love to deal with your trucking schedule if they better understand your work. Talk to your spouse and children about why you do this job, and how it supports the whole family, and then give them an idea of what a “typical” day looks like for you. Your family will appreciate you taking the time to be open with them.
  • Be Present
    When you can be home, be completely there. While you need to catch up on your rest and relaxation too, you should also show your family that you cherish your time together. Avoid using your phone, laptop, etc. during quality time and make a point of doing family activities like going to the park, watching a movie or even cooking a meal together. While you may not get to see your family every day, they’ll definitely remember how great you were when you could be home.


Just as all things in life, finding the sweet spot in balancing work and family will take some trial and error, but we know your loved ones will appreciate the effort. You don’t have to sacrifice a great relationship with your spouse or children while on the road, you just have to put in a little work

Even if you don’t follow any of our advice above, just know that involving your loved ones in the schedule making process can go a long way. If you’re looking for other trucker solutions, take a look at our blogs! has endless resources like freight factoring, freight broker credit reports, and access to the world’s largest FREE load board—all of which you can find here!

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