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Finding the right insurance company for your trucking business is one of the first tasks any motor carrier or freight broker needs to complete. It can be daunting to find the right policy to suit your needs, so Free Freight Search (FFS) has summed up a few basics to keep in mind as you shop for truck insurance.

Know exactly what your coverage includes

Insurance protects you against property damage and liability in the event of an accident. Different companies offer different options – be sure to read the fine print and be aware of exactly what the insurance covers. Commercial insurance covers truckers for a range of situations, so find out the minimum levels of coverage required by your state. Examples of coverage include liability for injury to others; towing and labor costs if you have a breakdown; medical expenses for accident victims; accidental damage coverage; loading liability; and substitute transport; and many other specific types of coverage.

Find competitive rates

Check that you’re insured by a company that specializes in insurance for truckers and that they’re able to offer you the best coverage at the most competitive rates. The rate you get may depend on your driving history. Shop around to save money on your premiums.

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