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TruckBuzz is an Internet truck load board for brokers. It is a free load board that allows brokers and shippers to move freight for free and search the database of available trucks 24 hours a day. Truckers can also benefit from this particular loadboard by posting available trucks for free as well. Signing up is quick and easy and new members get instant access to services.

About TruckBuzz Trucks

TruckBuzz is one of a handful of online load boards that offers absolutely free services to freight brokers, shippers and motor carriers. While the online system is automated for the ultimate convenience for all parties, consultants are always available to assist members with any questions or concerns. Features include searching for available trucks and posting available loads, setting alerts on loads and much more. TruckBuzz is a FREE load board.

How TruckBuzz compares with Free Freight Search?

Both TruckBuzz and Free Freight Search offer a valuable service. However, is the world’s LARGEST free load board. With over 50,000 registered motor carriers, brokers, and shippers and more than 75 million loads already posted, has helped thousands of truckers stay loaded and on the road. offers its members thousands of listings to browse through and one-stop access to fuel advances and funding through fully integrated freight bill factoring. If you aren’t already using, you should be asking yourself why not?

Both TruckBuzz and are great load board sites to use. Here’s a breakdown of what each site has to offer you:

TruckBuzz Features

  • Register multiple user accounts that can be used simultaneously.
  • Post and update details on available trucks and available loads.
  • Set up auto-match features to receive alerts where trucks or loads that match your criteria are posted.
  • Post loads automatically when you search for trucks
  • Automate load or truck postings. Features

  • Register for a free account as a freight broker, shipper or motor carrier.
  • Browse through an unlimited number of truck posts and available freight posts.
  • Receive email alerts on trucks or loads that match your location and search criteria.
  • View over 10,000 freight broker credit reports.
  • Brokers can reach owner-operators and fleet owners who may be missing from paid subscription load boards.
  • Motor carriers can receive payment on delivery when they accept loads from brokers that qualify for the Platinum Broker Guarantee.
  • Improve your cash flow with optional integrated  freight bill factoring service from one of the nation’s leading transportation factoring companies.

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