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Freight brokers should be aware that trucking cargo theft continues to rise. According to, cargo thefts totaled $18 million in the final quarter of 2014. Almost one quarter of cargo thefts are food and beverage items, followed by the second most common stolen item – electronics.

Out of all the states, California had the most thefts, followed by Texas, Florida, Georgia and Illinois. As a trucking company or freight broker, you may already know that many cargo thefts take place on the side of the road and even at some truck stops.

Cargo theft has a serious impact on your business, which is why wants to help you minimize the chance of losing your loads to thieves with these two quick tips:

Stay on the move

If your cargo is moving, then you face a smaller risk of it being stolen or tampered with. Minimize your risks by avoiding too many pit stops. Advise your motor carriers to park vehicles in security areas that are well lit and have closed circuit television cameras for added security.

Be aware of danger zones

Thieves often keep an eye on cargo loads in their area or in a client’s area. Keep an eye out for suspicious vehicles or people near the distribution centers and warehouses where your trucks are loaded. Most cargo theft happens in close proximity to a truck’s starting point, so advise truckers to be vigilant during the first few miles. (FFS) is the world’s largest 100% FREE freight matching site. In addition to being the largest FREE load board, FFS provides members access to 10,000+ free freight broker credit reports, making FFS the world’s largest FREE transportation credit bureau as well. Find out more about FFS.

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