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The trucking industry continues to evolve and change each year, but it seems that this sector is changing more quickly than ever before. Here are a few changes in the industry that could affect your business.

Finding qualified and licensed drivers

In the past, it wasn’t hard to find and retain skilled, licensed truck drivers. Today, this is a difficult task as the demand for drivers outweighs the supply. The demands of long-haul operations are not for everyone and many drivers don’t stay in the industry for long. Successful trucking companies focus on providing good benefits and incentives to attract and keep good drivers in their business.

An increased focus on safety

Government highway safety regulations are forcing companies to pay more attention to maintaining their fleet and equipment than ever before. A few highly publicized truck accidents last year may have led to today’s increased efforts to enforce safety regulations. FMCSA compliance is a key issue and it will become an even more prominent concern in the new year.

On-demand trucking

On-demand trucking apps like Convoy, which was founded in Seattle by a former employees, are touted as the “Uber for the trucking sector.” Businesses and shippers are able to use these types of online apps to instantly book their own shipments in real time.

While some freight brokers are afraid that this will take away business from them, this might not necessarily be the case. Many businesses don’t want to be involved in the logistics of finding shippers, checking prices, and tracking their shipments, so they are happy to pay a fee to a broker to manage the entire process for them. Many say that freight brokers who continue to focus on providing an efficient, effective and quality service will not be as strongly affected by on-demand applications.

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