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Plus Free Freight Broker Credit Reports Load Board is more than just your average truck load board. This Internet load board offers its member’s instant and unlimited access to Freight Rate Search. Freight Rate Search is a valuable industry tool offering features which allows motor carriers to find rates, loads and fuel for any lane. is unique in that it offers motor carriers the opportunity to calculate their profit potential on any lane, prior to accepting any loads. As a result, better hauling freight rates can be negotiated. When making use of you can learn the following:

  • Truck freight rate.
  • Average fuel surcharge.
  • Average fuel price.
  • Practical miles.
  • Cheapest diesel fuel prices.
  • Find loads for any lane.

About is an online load board which allows monthly subscribers the option to enjoy unlimited access to information on market rates and fuel prices for any lane in the US and Canada. Those who subscribe to the load board will benefit from the cheapest diesel fuel prices, real time truck loads and state inbound and outbound rate history. In addition to this, motor carriers can obtain instant access to multi-lane search’s rates are $323/year ($161/year for each additional user).

How compares with Free Freight Search? is the world’s largest FREE load board and currently has over 50,000 registered members. All load board freight matching services are free to all members and more than 75 million loads have been posted on since its inception. Members enjoy free email alerts when a load or truck is posted that matches their criteria, fully integrated freight bill factoring, access to credit reports on freight brokers, and more.

Both and are great load board sites to use. Here’s a breakdown of what each site has to offer you: Features

  • Find rates with Freight Rate Search.
  • Find and manage loads in real time.
  • Find fuel and plan routes.
  • Use the rate manager feature to ensure profitability. Features

  • Register for a free freight broker, shipper or motor carrier account in just a few moments.
  • Post available trucks and loads with ease.
  • Browse through thousands of posts for available trucks and available loads.
  • Register for email alerts on trucks or loads that meet your criteria.
  • View credit reports of 10,000+ freight brokers.
  • 100% funding and full payment on delivery for loads posted by Platinum freight brokers.
  • Obtain freight bill factoring services.

Freight brokers, shippers and carriers can do the following with

  • Post available freight loads.
  • Search for available trucks for loads.
  • Reach a universe of drivers missing from paid subscription load boards.
  • Receive real-time email alerts when a truck is posted that matches your load and location.

Motor carriers can:

  • Post available trucks for freight brokers and shippers to see.
  • Browse shippers’ and freight brokers’ load posts and access their contact information.
  • Access to freight bill factoring.
  • Receive real-time email alerts when a load is posted that matches your location.
  • View credit reports on 10,000+ freight brokers.
  • Receive 100% payment on delivery of loads from Platinum Brokers.

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