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Uber Freight, the new mobile app and platform for matching drivers and loads, takes the popular alternative to taxis to the trucking business model. Call it Uber for trucking industry: the ability to bypass dispatchers and brokers to move freight.

This Uber for freight platform poses a number of questions and since the app was launched in the fall of 2016, many motor carriers still aren’t sure about how they could fare as drivers for Uber. How will they find freight with this Uber truck service? Is the process like an Uber truck load board? Will Uber be able to sustain their new venture in the face of unfavorable news stories and the resignation of its CEO/co-founder?

Here are a few things for truckers to know about Uber:

  1. Unlike the variety of loads offered at traditional load boards for truckers, only motor carriers with 53-foot dry vans or refrigerated trailers for full loads are accepted into the Uber Freight program at the present time.
  2. Uber Freight has a flat-rate policy and can implement surge pricing for shippers when the market permits it. With traditional free truck load boards with rates, carriers can negotiate rates with brokers based on a number of factors.
  3. In the words of one Uber Freight executive, “computers are better at logistics than human beings.” However, without your personal connections with brokers and shippers and without a long-established load board full of thousands of loads, you could be stuck with no return trips after driving cross country.
  4. Some experts predict that Uber Freight and other on-demand shipping sites will serve a niche in short-hauls, such as within 50 miles, but not necessarily long-haul trips.
  5. A website doesn’t match the services brokers provide in tracking, billing and tracing freight. It doesn’t provide the transparency and communications that shippers want.
  6. Uber Freight pays motor carriers within a week of delivery, but you can also receive guaranteed quick pay for many loads on, the largest of the industry’s free load boards for truckers.

If you’re looking for a free truck load board that has been dedicated to finding loads for truckers for years and has posted more than 100 million loads since its inception, visit  Join more than 80,000 shippers, freight brokers, ad motor carriers of all sizes: it just takes a moment to sign up.

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