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Cornering the market on rides on demand and cutting out cabs across the country was just the beginning for the $69 billion transportation giant Uber. Now the corporation has launched Uber Freight to revolutionize one of North America’s most important business sectors: the $700 billion freight industry.

Introduction to Uber Freight

This new Uber for the trucking industry is basically a smart-phone app that matches drivers with shippers. The Uber for freight app allows qualified drivers to shop for and book loads. Think of it like an Uber truck load board: it connects motor carriers to loads. Shippers can list loads and drivers in the area can claim them. Motor carriers work hard to find freight that pays well and an app that matches them to loads sounds like a good idea. Nevertheless, the jury is still out.

Uber launches freight platform

Although the Uber truck service launched in October 2016, industry observers have many questions and much remains unknown. What is known is that it is an online freight platform that promises to pay for loads within seven days and also promises to pay for detention hours over two hours and to compensate to some extent for other additional expenses. However, with the June 2017 resignation of the company’s CEO/co-founder and accusations that the Uber freight concept includes ideas taken from another tech giant, concerns are rising about the company’s stability and ability to apply their on-demand freight matching plans.

Uber self-driving trucks

While initially the Uber for freight concept seemed to focus on employment for independent owner-operators, Uber Freight has purchased a number of its own trucks and power units, presumably employing its own drivers. In addition the company spent $650 million last year to buy a company developing driverless trucks. These self-driving trucks have already picked up and delivered loads hundreds of miles away. These developments raise questions for today’s hard-working motor carriers.

Free load boards for truckers

Another free source for finding loads is the free truck load board, a tried-and-true source that connects carriers with shippers and freight brokers for instant freight matching. While Uber Freight is currently working only with 53-foot dry vans and reefers, most load boards for truckers offer opportunities for a very wide variety of equipment.

About Free Freight Search, the world’s largest free load board, is a proven source of loads for thousands of motor carriers every day – and provides helpful benefits. For instance, Uber Freight advertises that carriers can know in advance their payment for loads, but carriers can easily use free truck load boards with rates to contact brokers or shippers posting loads.

The ability to get paid for a load within a week, rather than 30 days, is a benefit readily available on Carriers can find many guaranteed payment brokers and many quick pay options and can quickly receive fuel advances and payments for deliveries directly from the site.

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