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Smartphones have opened the door for truckers to completely transform their businesses. Today’s truck drivers use many apps that can make operating their businesses easier, faster and more efficient.


There are increasingly more and more apps being developed specifically for truckers, so whether you’re currently using apps with your business, there’s always an opportunity to leverage new technology to improve your business process or offerings.

Here is a list of the some of top apps for truckers:

  • BigRoad – This app offers a digital logbook program. Imagine the time and ease of this app. No more handwritten log books.
  • CamScanner – Save all your contracts, receipts and written instructions on the cloud by scanning documents to the cloud with this smartphone app.
  • CoPilot Truck GPS – A voice-activated app with GPS tracking that calculates the most efficient and compliant routes.
  • Drivewyze – The original weigh station bypass app. A real time saver. 30-day free trials are available.
  • Fuelbook – More than 7,000 gas stations and truck stops participate in this app which is designed to ensure truckers fill up at the most cost-effective stops.
  • iExit – Truckers who use this app can find lodging, shopping, food, healthcare, auto parts and more at any exit across the nation. You are never far from what you need with iExit Trucks.
  • Interstate Capital – A free easy-to-use mobile application that lets you factor your invoices and submit your paperwork. It speeds up your funding through its document scanning and uploading features. No more mailing, faxing and overnight deliveries.
  • Trucker Path – Not only identifies the best places to stay along the route but also the best places to get fuel. But this app goes the extra mile by notifying brokers when the trucker is ready to haul a new load.
  • Trucker Tools – Finds rest stops along the route, provides weather forecasts, offers a load tracker and even has a message board for drivers.
  • Waze – Truckers will always know what lies ahead with Waze. Traffic jams, accidents, and surprises that can cost time and money are identified on the GPS mapping program.
  • Weather Channel App – Check the radar and always know what weather is ahead with the Weather Channel app. Almost all truckers use a weather channel app.

Many truckers have come to realize that the future of the industry lies in the use of the latest technology. Smartphone apps not only help truckers do their job better, but they increase safety and cut down on wasted time. Yes, you can help run your trucking business from your smartphone and have more confidence than ever before because these apps can make your work easier. Smartphone apps just may be the competitive edge you need to run a more successful trucking business.    

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