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Snowdrifts, blizzards, and ice, oh my! Nothing can slow down truckers like severe winter weather. The best-laid plans for getting your freight delivered on time can fall apart when bad weather slows you down or even brings you to a complete stop. Safety needs to always come first in these situations: sometimes conditions demand that you get off the road and seek shelter.

While winter storms may be hard on the transportation industry, you also face weather-related delays and down-time in the summer. That’s the season for hurricanes, tornadoes, hail, and violent thunderstorms. The increasing instances of extreme weather over the last decade come with a high price tag: some experts say that weather-related issues cost the U.S. economy more than $500 billion a year.

Severe weather can wreak havoc on your trucking company’s profitability year-round. However, you can take steps to minimize lost time with accurate weather forecasts. Today, savvy drivers and dispatchers have advance warning on the weather with a variety of free apps on their cell phones. Here’s a few resources to keep in mind:

  1. This mobile app lets you track storms, receive weather alerts, and read forecasts for the areas you’ll be driving through. Download it on your phone and laptop.
  2. The Weather Channel. Millions of drivers across the world use this free app for the latest weather for their travels. This app for phone or desktop is a companion to the popular television channel is constantly updated in real time.
  3. In addition to updating you on weather conditions, this comprehensive app offers interactive weather maps and videos. You can see satellite and radar weather images along with information on a variety of non-weather-related topics.
  4. Download the free mobile app or go on their website for detailed forecasts for local and regional areas. You can also find interesting news stories, blogs, videos and photographs on the weather, including unusual conditions affecting travel such as major fires.
  5. This is not an app, but a useful website that provides current conditions by city or zip code.

These free weather trucking apps can be a valuable tool for keeping your trucks safe from accidents and your freight on the move. To help keep your trucks on the road, use another free tool:, the world’s largest completely free freight-matching load board. Sign up now!

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