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Freight brokers are like travel agents who move freight instead of people: they make all the arrangements for shipments and they have extensive contacts in transportation. If you’re a shipper, you will save a great deal of time and trouble when you work closely with freight brokers to have your products delivered on time. Here are a few ways that freight brokers help shippers succeed:

Bringing you the right trucking companies

Using freight brokers to arrange your freight deliveries helps you reach a wide range of trucking companies. It’s like going to a mall and having multiple stores with many options rather than going to a single store with only have a few choices. With hundreds of thousands of trucking companies across North America, most shippers would have a very tough time weeding through the various companies to find the right one with trucks in the right place for each shipment. Freight brokers are geared to do this for you. Their business models are designed to bring you the right selection of trucks for your shipments.

Protecting you from transportation fraud

Fraud and theft are rampant in the transportation industry and a reputable freight broker will help protect you from those types of problems.

Communicating with carriers

A freight broker providing a high level of customer service usually excels at communication. They will communicate with both the shipper and the receiver before the shipment moves to make sure everything is set. Most importantly, they will communicate with the carrier throughout the trip to make sure there are no problems. If a problem does crop up, they can fix it before it turns into a service failure.

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