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With the development of Amazon freight programs, the giant distributor that revolutionized retailing is on its way to transform the freight business. The Amazon freight forwarder business will be driven by mobile technology that will schedule and track shipments, by truck and by Amazon ocean freight or Amazon air freight.


What will the further development of the Amazon freight brokerage business mean to motor carriers? It’s difficult to predict as the program first launched in limited markets. The brokerage side of the business grew from the Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) delivery systems that have both won over millions of consumers and contributed to the decline and closure of untold numbers of traditional stores. Already the Amazon FBA freight forwarder division has purchased thousands of its own power units and trailers but is on track to hire an increasing number of independent owner operators and large motor carriers.

The Amazon freight exchange network will work something like a load board and match available trucks with freight. Previously Amazon freight services worked on a “last mile” basis, hiring drivers with small vans to carry packages of less than 50 pounds to residential and commercial customers. With Amazon’s entry into the long-haul freight business, motor carriers will see fast growth in Amazon freight jobs for carriers with a variety of equipment.

Amazon freight delivery is benefitting from the rapid increase in the number of Amazon users and Amazon Prime subscribers – and that means excess capacity that needs to be filled by qualified drivers. These motor carriers will work for the Amazon freight network on an on-call, as-needed basis for a pre-determined fee. As the Amazon freight shipping initiatives move beyond the handful of large cities where they are being tested, we’ll know more about all aspects of this still in-process program.

On the other hand, online load boards remain a tried and true resource for motor carriers searching for freight. Some load boards charge subscription fees, but, the largest of the free load boards, has been providing freight matching to both carriers and brokers as a free service to the industry since it was founded nearly a decade ago. Register now at – it just takes a moment!

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