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A load board is the quickest and most efficient way for brokers and shippers to connect with carriers. There are benefits and drawbacks to using a free load board. While many motor carriers find load boards helpful to get their new companies off the ground, they can run into problems if the load board is highly competitive.

General load board tips 

  • Use different load boards. If you are struggling to get loads on a single load board, then join a few different ones to increase your opportunities. Be cautious of joining too many paid load boards as the subscription costs could add up.
  • Don’t overbook yourself: Keep track of the loads you are booking to avoid overextending yourself. It could reflect badly on your business if you take on more than your trucking business can handle.
  • Be patient: You need to make sure that the loads you are taking on are profitable for your business, so ensure that your costs are competitive. If you are struggling to find profitable loads, be patient and continue to filter your searches.
  • Establish a minimum rate: Many trucking companies choose to have a fixed rate because it helps them keep track of their finances and guarantees that they are making a profit.

Types of load boards

The main types of load boards are paid load boards and free load boards. The prices of paid load boards depend on the plan you choose. A premium plan can cost up to $100 a month. While free load boards are more cost effective, they may not give you all the features and functionalities you expect.

Advantages of using a load board

  • Easy to use: All the information you need regarding the destination, pickup, and freight information will be displayed online. The content is easy to filter so that truckers can find the information they need easily.
  • Real time information: Many online load boards showcase loads that are posted in real time. The biggest online load boards, such as, show update loads every few minutes.
  • Affordable: Some load boards are free to use while others require a monthly or annual subscription. Paid load boards usually offer a variety of value-added benefits such as credit checks for a very low fee.
  • Keep trucks: Truckers who use load boards are able to minimize dead time on the road and keep their trucks full. If you are delivering a load across the country, for example, you could find another load that needs to be moved from your drop off destination instead of deadheading back home.

Disadvantages of using a load board

  • It can be tough to find high-paying load boards. If you are struggling to find profitable business on a load board, consider switching to a different load board or reviewing your rate. Your best bet is to use the load board as a stepping stone to sign on new clients for your trucking business.
  • Some shippers take 30, 60 or 90 days to pay for loads that have been delivered. Consider a freight factoring service to improve your cashflow if your clients take a long time to pay your invoices.
  • Some load boards don’t update their postings frequently, which means that the load could be taken when you start competing for it. Look for a load board that offers real-time updates.


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