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The winter months can be slower for some freight businesses and often this can increase the competition for loads on popular routes. One no-cost solution for motor carriers looking for loads is to join free freight load boards. To stay on the road, successful truckers use every resource they can find.

The winter months also bring on other challenges: difficult weather conditions. Snow and ice can wreak havoc on the freight industry and you want to ensure that your loads are delivered safely and on time. In addition to using a free freight matching service, you can use the following tips to help you succeed this season:

  • Never take on large loads or long distance loads if your drivers and your trucks are not well equipped for the trip.
  • Plan your truck routes carefully. Know the chain up and chain off places and safe areas to park. If you are driving through mountain passes, check to see when the snow plows have been through or if the snow has melted.
  • Carry out pre-trip and on route inspections. Check that lights are clear and working and eliminate the potential for frozen brakes via condensation in their air lines. Ensure that your drivers have the right equipment for the task and trip. They should carry the following:
  • Chaining equipment such as chains, bungee cords, Cam Lock T-handles, reflective vest, waterproof gloves and flashlight and so on.
  • Personal safety equipment such as traction boots, kneeling pads and warm clothing.
  • Truck safety equipment such as washer fluid and anti-gel.

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